So, life has been kind of crap lately, and you know when all else fails- draw until it freaking gets better! So I dug around in my unfinished work files, found this and forced myself to try again. I completely scrapped the original dragon sketch and went with whatever felt okay at the moment. I’m content with it so far.

I started this painting in May 2013…and it’s not the oldest work I’ve stored away (I might have the previous version somewhere on tumblr, but nope, I’m too embarrassed about the old stuff and will not link it here. You can go dig it out if you like, I’d rather just forget about it). Overall, I loved the background and the whole movement I had in this…but I could never make the dragon design work. Hopefully I can make something satisfactory out of this attempt…uhh -___-”’

The painting was originally meant to be a gift for a friend who helped me a lot doing University and was generally an awesome person…yeeah, sorry, one day I’ll make it happen.

/limps away quietly